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Contractor serving Indian Rocks Beach, Florida
“Our company has been serving the commercial and residential needs of our clients in Pinellas county since 1980. Over those years we have built and remodeled customers homes covering simple repairs to extensive renovartions. Our busdiness focus today is primarily window and door replacement/repair projects, and we also offer a variety of carpentery services.
(727) 238-7998
Terry G Perkins Construction, Inc, Contractor  in Indian Rocks Beach
“I not only build solid projects, but also relationships that develop into clients for life. I like to assist the client in designing additions that blend into their existing home and allow them to turn their dreams into reality. I am accessible and I provide my clients with a realistic timeline for the project. In over 21 years of business I know that my clients are looking for quality, dependibility, and as little stress as possible. The nature of remodeling calls for problem solving and I enjoy a reputation that keeps clients returning for additional remodeling work.
(727) 379-1948
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Who can be a contractor?
Most states require contractors to be licensed, which may involve state supervised oral and written exams. Licensed contractors in 33785 may bid, negotiate a price or offer to construct buildings. They can supervise, oversee, project manage, repair, install, improve, move, demolish, furnish labor for building projects. Contractors may specialize in building (residential contractors and commercial contractors) or as electrical contractors, plumbing contractors, mechanical contractors and highway contractors.

Contractor companies in 33785 are sometimes referred to as a contractor company (or contracting company) or contractor business (or contracting business).
How to find a Contractor with specific Contracting skills?
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Can a Contractor help?
A general contractor in 33785 is a group or individual that contracts with another (e.g. you or the owner) for the construction, building, improvement, renovation, remodeling or demolition of a building, road or other structure. The work on house construction, home building, home renovation and commercial buildings. A general contractor is responsible for the materials, labor, equipment, (engineering vehicles and tools) to be used in the construction execution of the project, including the budget, the plans and specifications of the project.
What can a skilled Contractor do?
The best contractors in 33785 construct, build, repair, improve, renovate, remodel and demolish buildings and other structures. General contractors in 33785 often subcontract part of the work to other skilled people and companies called subcontractors. General contractors working for government agencies are typically referred to as prime contractors.