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Contractor serving Plano, Texas
(972) 275-9987
Rainbow Roofing and Remodeling, Contractor  in Mckinney
“Rainbow Roofing and Remodeling is one of the oldest and most trusted roofing companies in McKinney, Texas! You can trust us to get the job done right! We provide free estimates. We match any bid. We even cover your deductible. When it comes to Collin County roofing and remodeling jobs, Rainbow Roofing and Remodeling simply can't be beat!
(972) 853-7135
Contractor in Frisco, Texas
“My ideal client is one who has thought about their project for some time and is excited about finally completing that project. This sort of client brings an energy and creativity to the project that makes it fun, regardless of the the type of work involved.
(214) 531-6741
Wind Renovations, Contractor  in Lucas
Contractor in Lucas, Texas
“Our Services Our company offers a wide variety of services. We want to provide the best service no matter how simple or difficult the task. Please review our list of services below and contact us with any questions. Carpentry, Interior painting, Tile floors, Door maintenance, Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel, Dry wall repair, Custom Cabinetry and furniture, Custom built-ins, Water damage repair, Dry wall repair
(972) 591-8306
Symbiosis Builders, Contractor  in Plano
Contractor in Plano, Texas
“We strive to deliver maximum enduring value by providing the finest quality materials and professional workmanship in all our projects
(972) 810-7379
Contractor serving Mckinney, Texas
“Our ideal client is one who has already spent time considering the details and general scope of their project. This allows us to focus more accurately on achieving 100% customer satisfaction. We have 25+ years experience in the construction industry. No matter how large or small your project may be, we are here to serve you. A large portion of our business comes from referrals and past customers. This is a direct result of our commitment to quality workmanship and complete customer satisfaction.
(214) 504-8809
A #1 Air & Appliance, Contractor  in Plano
Contractor serving Plano, Texas
“We specialize in repair and remodel. If you want it done done right and done on time we are your best choice. We provide top quality work and a fair price. We will give you the best warranty and the best guarnatees. No job is too small, however we can handle any size of job you have. Your comfort is our top priority.
(972) 961-3515
Cost Plus Texas Construction, Contractor  in Mckinney
Contractor serving Mckinney, Texas
“Cost + Texas Construction is a full-service Commercial and residential general contracting company with a non-traditional philosophy. Having seen firsthand the dangerous and unscrupulous ways in which many contractors operate in this industry we at Cost + Texas strive to deliver a more customer friendly ethical experience by supplying the best vendors and the best material pricing possible for a superior outcome.
(972) 200-3295
BellaCasaConstructionCo., Contractor  in Plano
Contractor in Plano, Texas
(469) 242-2195
Contractor in Princeton, Texas
(214) 499-9629
Contractor serving Lavon, Texas
(972) 975-9244

Who can be a contractor?
Most states require contractors to be licensed, which may involve state supervised oral and written exams. Licensed contractors in Collin County may bid, negotiate a price or offer to construct buildings. They can supervise, oversee, project manage, repair, install, improve, move, demolish, furnish labor for building projects. Contractors may specialize in building (residential contractors and commercial contractors) or as electrical contractors, plumbing contractors, mechanical contractors and highway contractors.

Contractor companies in Collin County are sometimes referred to as a contractor company (or contracting company) or contractor business (or contracting business).
How to find a Contractor with specific Contracting skills?
If you're looking for a specialist in Collin County, Texas, try to refine your search with our left nav bar.

You can also try contacting a Contracting professional to ask for a consultation or referral.
Can a Contractor help?
A general contractor in Collin County is a group or individual that contracts with another (e.g. you or the owner) for the construction, building, improvement, renovation, remodeling or demolition of a building, road or other structure. The work on house construction, home building, home renovation and commercial buildings. A general contractor is responsible for the materials, labor, equipment, (engineering vehicles and tools) to be used in the construction execution of the project, including the budget, the plans and specifications of the project.
What can a skilled Contractor do?
The best contractors in Collin County construct, build, repair, improve, renovate, remodel and demolish buildings and other structures. General contractors in Collin County often subcontract part of the work to other skilled people and companies called subcontractors. General contractors working for government agencies are typically referred to as prime contractors.