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Contractors in Haywood County

Contractor serving Canton, North Carolina
"Indoor Environmental Specialists, LLC (IES) is a nationally certified mold inspection/remediation company serving all of Western North Carolina and surrounding areas. IES offers mold inspection/remediation services performed by certified expert technicians, as well as, additional services including quarterly contractual inspections, odor elimination, build back, and everything from the ridge line (the roof) to the foundation. Attic, living space, basement/crawlspace, and exterior. We are dedicated/committed to providing quality results for our clients. Our mission is to inspect for, diagnose and treat mold, fungi and odor problems professionally, quickly and at the lowest reasonable cost to our clients."
Contractor in Clyde, North Carolina
"I have been in the construction bussiness for 32 years. This gives me the experiance to do any kind of job right the first time. Call for free consultation."
"Thank you for your interest in the services of Cornerstone Builders. I have owned and operated Cornerstone Builders for 16 years. During the past 16 years I have built many custom homes,built additions and remodled homes in Western North Carolina. At Cornerstone Builders we are full service General Contractors and have a Unlimited Builders License allowing us to work on any size project."